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Kathy Sandusky, owner of Avlis Publishing and Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Instructor

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Intuition in Business

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     Join us for Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System and learn how to use your intuition to detect information and make better decisions, and to determine your purpose in life and how to fulfill it.

Class Schedules:

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For classes by all Instructors, please visit:

Instructor Training:

For information contact Avlis Publishing:
P.O. Box 691809
Houston, TX  77269
1-866-32-AVLIS (866-322-8547) or 903-948-2312

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Please register in advance to insure your place in the class. Late registration is on an "as-available" basis.

Business Opportunities

If you are interested in teaching Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, and an exciting graound floor business opportunity, you can attend the course and stay for two additional days of Instructor Training.

For more information, please visit our Business Opportunities web site:

For additional information, please contact
Avlis Publishing
P.O. Box 691809
Houston, TX  77269
1-866-32-AVLIS (866-322-8547) or 903-948-2312

     Silva Method seminars are presented worldwide. Silva home study courses are also available for your convenience.

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